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Our Timelines

1868-1917: The Early Years

1868-1917: The Early Years

The ingenuity of Jamsetji's vision, and the national-building industries it inspired.
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1918-1968: The Growth Years

The birth of India's aviation and software industries and the creation of the Tata Trusts.
1969-2019: The Expansion Years

1969-2019: The Expansion Years

A period of bold global acquisitions and partnerships with a focus on new technology.

Our Leaders

Jamsetji Tata
Founder of the Tata group

The man who touched tomorrow - Jamsetji Tata

"In a free enterprise, the community is not just another stakeholder in business, but is in fact the very purpose of its existence."
JRD Tata was chairman of the group for over half a century
Lessons In Leadership
"To be a leader, you have got to lead human beings with affection."- JRD Tata, Chairman, 1938-1991
Tata Sons Leadership
Tata Icons
Meet the Titans - All the visionaries who led the group for 150 years.


Pioneering the steel industry in India
Nation Building

Nerves Of Steel

Jamsetji, Dorabji and RD Tata defied sceptics to give India her first steel enterprise.
The creche at Jamsetji Tata's mills
Employee Welfare
We initiated labour welfarebefore it was ratified by law.
The Indian Institute of Science was one of Jamsetji's three great dreams for India
Jamsetji dreamed of aworld-class science research institute for India.
JRD Tata pioneered aviation in India
Fascinated by flying since he was a child, JRD Tatawould go on to pioneer India's aviation industry.

Heritage Stories

Keepers Of Stories

Keepers Of Stories

Archivist Rajendra Narla on how Tata Central Archives has served as custodian of the Tata story.
Howrah Bridge: An Emotion Writ In Shining Silver

Howrah Bridge: An Emotion Writ In Shining Silver

Excerpts and pictures from 'Howrah Bridge: An Icon in Steel' produced on the 75th anniversary of the bridge
The Nation

The Man Who Helped The Mahatma

Sir Ratan Tata's contributions to Mahatma Gandhi's movement was just part of his philanthropy.
Take the Tata Heritage Walk

Take the Tata Heritage Walk

Take a guided or a solo heritage walk in the city that the Tatas call home: Mumbai